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Download the Android SDK

OkOJJ 2010. 3. 20. 00:13

Welcome Developers! If you are new to the Android SDK, please read the Quick Start, below, for an overview of how to install and set up the SDK.

If you are already using the Android SDK and would like to update to the latest tools or platforms, please use the Android SDK and AVD Manager to get the components, rather than downloading a new SDK package.

Platform Package Size MD5 Checksum
Windows 23449838 bytes cc2c51a24e2f876e0fa652e182ef5840
Mac OS X (intel) 19871714 bytes 6fcfeed0e1c36624c926551637eb3308
Linux (i386) android-sdk_r05-linux_86.tgz 16208523 bytes 1d695d6a31310406f5d49092a1bd9850